ELT Newspapers

There are always news that you can read about ELT and English language in the daily newspapers, but ELT has its own newspapers, too. If you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest articles, news and events in the ELT world, below are some newspapers that I read and recommend you to flick through:

1. English Language Gazette (ELgazette): At the 45th IATEFL conference, we were given a free print version of it. It includes news and articles about the recent developments, trends and research studies worldwide. If you sign up on the webpage, you can read a digital version of it. Plus, there are some downloadable resources and lesson plans.

2. Guardian-TEFL Page: This is a very useful page I visit regularly. There are news from both the UK and all around the world. Ones who sign up to TEFL update can receive free news-based English language teaching materials from the Guardian Weekly. Also, The TEFL expert is ready to answer your questions about TEFL career.

3. The TEFL Times: It is actually a blog written by various contributors from the world. It gives career advice and touches on controversial issues in ELT. They are also looking for contributors to their blog!

Regardless of your interests, I’m sure you will find something captivating to read in these resources. Happy reading!

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